Since 1994, Fisgard Asset Management has provided investors with security, income and growth by carefully investing in quality mortgages secured by valuable Canadian real estate.

Active Investments:


FCC Net Cash Return
3rd Quarter 2023


FCIIC Net Cash
Return 2023


in Assets Under


Mortgages Funded

*Before investing, read Fisgard’s Offering Memorandum which details risk (FCC). Mortgage investments are not guaranteed, returns may fluctuate, and past performance may not be repeated.
**Net Annualized Cash Return is exactly what Fisgard investors receive after deduction of all expenses. The rate of annualized return has been rounded to the nearest one hundredth decimal position

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Located in beautiful Victoria, BC, we work with investors and mortgage brokers from British Columbia to Ontario.

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For 29 years and counting, we’ve proudly taken care of our growing family of investors and our mortgage broker partners, guided by our commitment to security and stability.

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