Exempt Market Dealer (EMD)

Our team of experienced Exempt Market Dealers at Fisgard offer expertise in the purchase and sale of exempt market securities and specialize in raising capital for the mortgage investment corporation (MIC), Fisgard Capital Corporation, which invests in Canadian real estate.


Net Cash Return for 2nd Quarter 2024 based on 5-year investment


in Assets Under


Mortgages Funded

30 yrs.

Thirty years of consistent dividend payment. Starting in 1994 with no end in sight.


*Before investing, read Fisgard’s Offering Memorandum which details risk (FCC). Mortgage investments are not guaranteed, returns may fluctuate, and past performance may not be repeated.
**Net Annualized Cash Return is exactly what Fisgard investors receive after deduction of all expenses. The rate of annualized return has been rounded to the nearest one hundredth decimal position.
***Net Annualized Growth Return is the return investors received by reinvesting their dividends as opposed to taking them as income. It is exactly what Fisgard investors received after deduction of all expenses. The rate of annualized return has been rounded to the nearest one hundredth decimal point.

As an Exempt Market Dealer, Fisgard Asset Management offers expertise in the purchase and sale of exempt market securities and specializes in raising capital in the real estate industry.

Exempt Market Dealers (EMDs) in Canada provide access to investment opportunities outside of the traditional public markets. EMDs are responsible for conducting due diligence on the investments they offer to clients, analyzing financial statements, assessing the management team, and evaluating the potential risks and rewards associated with the investment. While facilitating transactions and ensuring regulatory compliance in the exempt market. Exempt Market Dealers provide investors with a unique opportunity to diversify their investment portfolios by offering access to private securities that aren’t available in the traditional public markets. As an Exempt Market Dealer, we are a trusted resource to help investors understand the inherent risks and potential rewards of investing in these asset classes. You can trust us to adhere to a high standard of compliance, providing fair and transparent service and always acting in your best interest.

Key Benefits

Access to commercial
mortgage markets

Greater portfolio

Stable and
reliable income

30+ years of

Prioritizing security and steady growth.

Fisgard is an investment for people of all incomes—students, new parents, families and retirees. We invest our investors’ capital in quality mortgages secured by valuable Canadian real estate, which produce steady revenue.

You can choose to take your dividends in cash for income or you can reinvest them so your money grows more quickly through compound interest.

Exempt Market Dealer Overview

Investing in the exempt market may carry a higher level of risk than traditional investments and may have less liquidity; however, the exempt market offers the potential for higher returns and can be a valuable addition to a well-diversified investment portfolio. By working with a reputable EMD and conducting thorough due diligence, investors can access unique investment opportunities. 

The exempt market offers several advantages to both issuers and investors. Issuers can access funding to grow their businesses or funds without preparing a prospectus and going through a different regulatory process. For investors, the exempt market offers alternative investment opportunities that may not be available in the public markets, such as early-stage development ventures, real estate projects, or private equity offerings. The exempt market also allows investors to diversify their portfolios further, spreading risk across various asset classes and sectors.

EMDs have several responsibilities, including evaluating and conducting due diligence on exempt market securities to ensure they meet regulatory requirements and are suitable for their clients, providing advice to investors about the risks, benefits, and suitability of investing in exempt market securities, facilitating trades in exempt market investments, maintaining proper records of all transactions and client communications, and educating investors about the exempt market, its unique characteristics, and the opportunities available to them.

Investing in the exempt market can be a valuable opportunity for those willing to do their due diligence and carefully evaluate their investment options. EMDs play a vital role in ensuring compliance and providing guidance to investors in the exempt market.


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