Investor Case Studies

We’re proud to help investors of all ages and incomes build wealth and security for themselves and their families. Some of our investors have been with us from the very start; others are just getting started. Some are high-net-worth individuals while others are students looking to begin their financial journey. Read some of their stories.

“We were looking for a return on investment that was better than GICs and we felt safer in mortgage funds than in the stock market. We had experience in holding private mortgages ourselves and were looking for something to hold mortgages in registered funds. That was when we discovered MICs, studied them and chose Fisgard and a couple of other MIC investment firms. Fisgard has been a pleasure to deal with. We have felt they always reported accurately and timely and with understandable results and statements.”

Ted & Hilda, Cobourg | Cobourg, ON

“I’ve been investing in Fisgard for approximately 18 months. I was looking for a stable investment vehicle that is run in a straightforward manner, and that is exactly what I found. My interaction with Scott has always been excellent: he’s prompt, meticulous, patient, and never pushy. I now have a steady quarterly source of income that continues to increase as I reinvest some of my earnings.”

Brian C.

“We have been investors with Fisgard Asset Management since 2006. Since then we have continued with adding a TFSA from the interest we earned and our funds have continued to grow yearly at a rate much better than any bank. We also have put aside funds in 4 TFSA accounts for our grandchildren and also add funds yearly, including our not of age yet granddaughter and watch their accounts grow. We are very thankful for the recommendation and have never looked back. We feel safe with Fisgard.”

Jim & Helena | Victoria, BC

“I started investing in Fisgard at the beginning, when the company first started. Fisgard proved to be a great investment then, and my portfolio with them continues to shine to this day. With good rates of return, steady compound interest growth, and solid portfolio management by people who know the business inside and out, and provide me with investment advice I can understand, Fisgard has made all the difference to my financial wellbeing. I am, now, as they say, comfortably well off. Fisgard has given me that. Thank you Fisgard!”

Jessica V.

“My family has invested with Fisgard since its inception. The returns have been stable and reliable even through the extremes of the past four decades. Most importantly, the reception and service provided by Dawn Paniz, who I have dealt with primarily, has been outstanding.”

Elizabeth D.

“My wife and I have been investing with Fisgard since 2004. Throughout the 18 years of investing with Fisgard we have enjoyed good steady reliable returns for our RRSPs, RRIFs and cash investments over and above the offerings of the banks and despite the fluctuations and volatility within the economy and the stock market. We have always found Fisgard to be very professional, honest, very helpful and extremely responsive to any questions we may have or any advice we were seeking. It’s a pleasure and a comfort to deal with this professional company.”

Roger & Rose V

We started investing with Fisgard soon after moving to Victoria in 2002. We wanted to improve the stability of our investments after significant losses in our RRSP’s with previous investment managers. Fisgard has always provided the return on investment promised and when it was time to retire, our investments with Fisgard were ready to provide for our retirement. Fisgard has provided us with a stable retirement income. Dawn Paniz has been a pleasure to work with and was able to answer any and all questions we ever asked over all our years with Fisgard.

Michael & Ellen S.

Investing with Fisgard

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