8.00% FCC Net Cash Return Q1 2024

Investing in Canadian Real Estate For Over 30 Years

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Fund Performance Highlights


FCC NET Cash Return
1st Quarter 2024


NET Annualized Growth Return for 2023 based on 5-year investment


consecutive quarters of paying dividends to our investors as of Q1 2024


billion mortgages funded since 1994

Meet Our Investment Team

Dawn Paniz
President & Dealing Representative
Scott Chan
Manager Investment Markets, Dealing Representative
Fran Atherton
Dealing Representative
Melanie Smith
Dealing Representative
Hypothetical Growth of a $10,000 5-Year Fisgard Capital Corporation Investment (2019-2023)

Total Dividends EarnedDividends EarnedQuarter End Value Return
Total Dividends Earned Over 5-Years$3,680.71
Note: Figures do not include the management or account fees associated with Fisgard investments and are based on a $10,000 initial investment from 2019 to 2023.

What Our Clients Say

The Power of Compound Interest

Compound interest makes your money grow faster as interest is calculated on the accumulated interest over time and on your original principal, creating a snowball effect. Fisgard investments compound quarterly! The initial investment plus the income earned grows together.  

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Number of years I will let my investment grow.

About Fisgard

Fisgard Asset Management Corporation has been locally owned and operated in Victoria, BC, since 1994. Our name pays tribute to the historic Fisgard Lighthouse, which symbolizes security, stability and vision—values we share with our clients and that guide every aspect of our operations.

2600+ Investors

A client-focused, independent Mortgage Investment Manager as well as an Exempt Market Dealer, Fisgard offers investment products to thousands of investors from British Columbia to Ontario.

Flexible Solutions

Fisgard provides borrowers with residential and commercial private mortgage solutions, from residential first and second mortgages to multi-million dollar commercial, and construction.

Respected Specialists

Fisgard has grown to become one of Canada’s most respected real estate investment managers, specifically focused on Mortgage Investment Corporations (MICs).

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